When selecting the appropriate water treatment system for your laboratory or process requirements, we require the following data. Simply fill out this form, and click on the "send" button at the bottom of the page, or fax it (434-978-4935) to us. Immediately upon receipt of this information, we can specify the appropriate water treatment system(s) for your application(s).

How many gallons or liters of purified water do you require each shift?

How many shifts are there per day?

We provide systems that produce Reagent Grades, or Biological Grades of water for Types I, II, III, or IV, plus water for glassware rinsing, or for process applications. Please tell us what you are using the water for so that we can recommend the correct system(s) to suit your requirements.

If the source of the feed water is from a central reverse osmosis (RO) and/or deionized (DI), or a distillation system, EXPLORER 2 polishing system will deliver Reagent Grades of water without additional pretreatment systems.

Is the source pretreated?

If yes, is it RO, DI, or Still?

If the source of the feed water is tap water, it may be necessary to use a pretreatment (RO) or DI system.

Is it tap water?

If yes, can you send us a 12 ounce tap water sample or water analysis report?

EXPLORER 2 polishing systems are point-of-use polishing systems that can be positioned in remote areas from the sink or under counters. They therefore do not take up valuable bench top space or laboratory wall space. Explorer 2 systems circulate the water to the tips of our long reach gooseneck faucets.

How many sinks or points-of-use do you have that require Reagent Grade Water?

EXPLORER 1 pretreatment RO systems or our DI units can be installed either remotely or at the point-of use. They can deliver Type II or Type III pressurized water for rinsing or supplying small glass washers, or they can supply water to multiple sinks.

How many sinks do you want to connect to the pretreated water to?

EXPLORER 3 countertop distillers are for small chemistry labs that require up to 24 liters per 24 hours of distilled water.

Do you require distilled water?

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